Hello friend
What will happen when you receive 1 dollar?
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7 Dollar project start with
You send 1 dollar to each of 7 email address
then remove the first email and replace your email at seventh
send this email to 40 person
only six person in each level
you at seventh will get $36
and they do the same thing
you at sixth will get $36
you at fifth will get $216
you at fourth will get $1296
you at third will get $7776
you at second will get $46656
you at the first will get $279936
you will get total $ 335992
If you leave the list
You can join again
What to do now is
1 Start by paying to 7 person
2 Get a web cost $5 from Antony at Bonus1
3 Promote your link
4 Get paid in Paypal

Ask your upper mail list to help you promote your site
See you inside by Act Now.

Good bye